Other Services

Businesses like humans tend to get into a routine irrespective of whether it is relevant to the current environment or not.  Hence, business processes and practices which were useful for the business to grow at a point in time may become hurdles over a period of time and businesses do not realize the same.   We as independent professionals provide Internal Control evaluation services, wherein we contract with you to evaluate your end to end business processes and provide you with recommendations for improvement which could either result in cost-reduction or quicker turn-around-times for your customers.  We also evaluate your receivables and payables cycle to recommend better working capital management techniques.  If required, we also undertake to provide you with detailed documentation of policies and procedures for your business processes, this not only helps you to manage the activities of staff members but also build controls to monitor compliance.  Availability of policies and procedures also helps you to get quality certifications like ISO certifications.

Audit Arrangement

We support our clients Auditing requirements by arranging for Audits of their financial statements by Certified and registered Auditors in U.A.E.  Our panel of Auditors are on the Panel of Authorized Auditors with all major Banks and Free Zones in the region.  


We provide all requisite inputs to our clients to manage their VAT Responsibilities in line with the VAT rules and regulations in place on their own.  However, in case, they would rather outsource these responsibilities to an Authorized Tax Agent as allowed by the VAT rules, then we can provide access to our network of Tax Agents for our clients to contract with and outsource their Tax Responsibilities.  (Please note, Tax Agents are your representatives with the FTA and support you in all activities which involves interaction with FTA like registration, Periodic reporting, communicating for disputes, refund, etc.  THIS SERVICE DOES NOT INCLUDE ACCOUNTING services)