Our Story

The introduction of VAT in the GCC region over the next one year, in line with the Framework signed off by the GCC countries presents a major opportunity and challenge.  VAT introduction will make every qualifying business a tax collector for the Government with a need to maintain proper accounting books.  This is a challenge for businesses and an opportunity for accounting firms to help businesses overcome this challenge.  We do believe there is an acute need of professional accounting firms in the region, resulting in setting up of Overture in the first quarter of 2017.

Our focus areas:

Small, Micro and Start-up businesses: -  We focus our energy and service proposition keeping in mind the requirements of small, micro and start-up businesses, for whom the VAT Compliance requirements from the point of view of mandatory need to maintain proper books of accounts can be major cost item.  The key reason being lower volume of transaction making it unviable to hire a full time accountant, multi-skilling of staff to perform accounting dilutes the focus on core business resulting in inadequate business development efforts for these businesses.    We offer a value for money cost-effective proposition, which helps these businesses fully comply with the accounting and VAT accounting requirements all the way to filing the Tax Returns, without having to employ full-time specialists for these activity on their own payrolls.

Our Approach

We believe in a partnership approach.  We work closely with our clients with a view to add value to their business endeavors.   We strongly believe in building long-term professional relationship instead of short-term gains.  We are focused on professional, cost-effective and time-bound service delivery to meet and exceed our client's expectations.  Our target customer segment SME's and Start-ups

Next Steps...

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